A story started in 1940

Since the first half of the last century, our ancestors and their children were wise breeders, mainly of swine of the native SARDINIAN breed. The livestock were breed free in the woods of our mountains, feeding on what nature would offer them. This is why their meats were very tasty and of a particularly dark red. Pigs were butchered at home in winter months, normally between December and February, when the meat is sturdiest and leanest, at the top of its quality. This was the only way to obtain an excellent final result. Every part of the pig was worked with extreme care. The deep isolation of the region determined the use of extremely simple ingredients that are quite typical of the Sardinian territory. We still respect the old recipes, so we elaborate and obtain genuine and simple products which recall the past. We are proud and persevering because we are conscious of the engagement and diligence we keep in our work.