Guaranteed quality, meats from Sardinian farms only

The fact of offering quality products means checking every detail personally, means knowing about the origins of the head of cattle and managing its nutrition, means following every phase of its life, from its birth to its butchering, and from the processing and curing of its meat to the distribution of the final product. From 1950, we focus all our care on our niche products, choosing meats from Sardinia only. This is how we can guarantee the high quality, the unique aroma and the excellent aspect of our cured pork meats, and preserve our tradition at the same time. Keeping the ancient artisanal practices of our land, we produce noble cured meats appreciated by everyone. The climate conditions of our town, Gonnosfanadiga, are of paramount importance and significantly contribute to the quality of our products. In winter months, the curing process depends on air exposition. Oxygenation is what allows us to obtain a great result and an original, strong, and authentic aroma for our cured meats. This is how we can offer products which represent a continuity between the past and the present, and of which we are always proud and satisfied.

The working phases of our hams.

Our quality mark, according to Ministerial Authorization that identifies Sardinian meat, is